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My Birthday Boy


He’s 6! Not ALMOST 6, not SOON TO BE 6… He is FINALLY 6!!



Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boy

And, because this happened in the sky, he got a special treat from the captain!
first Flying Lesson

This also happens to be our last trip to KSA.  We have decided to return to the states. I *HOPE* that I remember to blog more so that I have the memories when I look back at our time overseas… Hope is a good word today.

More to come when the jet lag leaves…

Ugh! Why are the pictures sideways?!

Wayback Machine


Anybody remember that? I love that site! Its addicting. And, in case you are interested, here is my old blog… and an older one.

It’s a rabbit hole!


So, it looks like we will be moving home soon. Every time I say that my heart beats out of my chest! Im excited. Im terrified. I think we should do it! I think we should wait! But even if we waited, and stayed until our slated departure date, that is only 6 months off. And, we are just really ready to go home now. And, I am so excited. And terrified.




Saudi-Led Airstrikes Blamed for Massacre at Funeral in Yemen

This is SUPER scary! And, cruel!

Normally I feel very safe here. But, after this… not so much.

Of course, I cannot say much at the moment, but this is bad. This is going to be very bad.

Catalonia, Spain


I really wish I took my laptop with me when I travel. So many trips just this year that I didn’t get to properly blog about. Maybe next year I will make more of an effort. For now, however, lets see if I can put Catalonia, Spain into words!

I have always known I wanted to go to Spain, I just didn’t realize how much I would absolutely LOVE it!!

From the moment we landed I didn’t want to waste a minute. We did, of course, lose minutes… but the ones we didn’t were what I remember best.

Our hotel was great. Neri Hotel in the Gothic District was awesome. The rooms were clean and cheery. The employees were beyond helpful. The food… the FOOD!! If you ever get the chance, stay at this amazing hotel. 22 rooms makes it a small little retreat. And, don’t forget to visit the garden on the fourth floor! This was my son’s favorite place to play.


We just happened to be there for Catalonia’s “Independence” celebration, which was a little confusing as they ARE part of Spain. Perhaps one day they will be considered their own country…


We took a lot of tours, ate a lot (I actually ate octopus!) and drank more, shopped, slept… Who could ask for more? The churches were amazing, too!!

Pokemon Go


So what do you think about it?  Do you play?  I dont.  I mean I DO.  But, not really… but…

If I am being honest, yes I do play.  I do.  I really really do like it but its like admitting that you play Xbox.  Or you like chatrooms.  It’s geeky and immature.  But I am addicted to it!  TOTALLY!

Surely I am not the only “grownup” who plays.  Actually, I know this to be true because I have fought for gyms in a church parking lot and the only other car in the parking lot had a middle-aged woman behind the wheel.  True, her teenaged sons were in the back seat but we all know who was actually playing!

Pokemon. Who knew?!





I have three VPN’s in KSA that allow me to connect to the internet without being censored. That is great because without it most websites are blocked.

For months, no issues. I leave the kingdom and WHAMMO! The main one disconnects and hubby doesn’t know how to reset it so… he’s bored.

My next mission is to learn how to connect to his windows computer from Mac.

Scary or fun?!

We will find out as soon as I return. In about three weeks. My heart is breaking already…

Sand Rose Dig




<< Note to self... post about the Sand Rose dig >>

Weird Day


Well, it’s been a really weird day in good ol’ Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

First, it rained. But, it wasn’t just rain… it also HAILED! I felt like hell must have frozen over! The whole thing didn’t last very long, maybe 5 minutes total, and it caused all kinds of flooding, but it was great!

Secondly, I went to the US Consulate to get a paper notarized. As soon as we passed through the gate I felt like I was home. Like I was actually on US soil, for real! I whipped off my abaya as soon as I got through security and walked myself into the office wearing a short sleeved shirt and flip flops. Even the air felt cleaner. Too bad I only had to stay about 20 minutes. But it was a really nice 20 minutes!

Thirdly, I didn’t have to cook. We ordered Fuddrucker hamburgers and had someone go pick them up. I actually ate the whole thing. I have never eaten a whole burger there. We rarely go there… probably 3 times in the past four years, but whatever. It tasted much better at home than it does in the restaurant.

And, now, everybody is asleep at 8 pm and I get to blog in peace and quiet.

It’s been a good day 🙂

Dear Blog,


I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I have so much to tell you. Okay, “so much” might be a bit much. I have “stuff” to tell you. Hows that?

While I may have trouble getting myself to blog regularly, life does indeed go on. Lets see, since the last time I posted, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest, we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend, and we went home to the states for repat . I will update with pictures when I have a few more moments.

We are now planning out our summer repat to the states and Eid trip to Barcelona, Spain! Next year I hope to see the Maldive Islands.

What I REALLY miss most about living overseas is family. My kids, to be exact. I know they are grown and have lives of their own but what would be wrong with locking them in my basement for a few more years?

Have to run, bbl…

I want a new theme!


I was so excited about this theme when I first got it but now… meh… I need something fresh. Something clean. Something fun!

Should I pay for one? Make it myself? I don’t think I have time or patience for that, right now. My Conversational Arabic class is taking all my brain powers lately.


I wonder what Huey Lewis would say?

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