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My Birthday Boy


He’s 6! Not ALMOST 6, not SOON TO BE 6… He is FINALLY 6!!



Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boy

And, because this happened in the sky, he got a special treat from the captain!
first Flying Lesson

This also happens to be our last trip to KSA.  We have decided to return to the states. I *HOPE* that I remember to blog more so that I have the memories when I look back at our time overseas… Hope is a good word today.

More to come when the jet lag leaves…

Ugh! Why are the pictures sideways?!

A Wedding!


My son has asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said YES!!

I can’t believe it! My son is ENGAGED!! I love his girlfriend… I mean fiance’! I am so happy for them … and for ME!! How lucky am I for my first child-in-law to be so amazing?!

I am trying to add a photo but Google Chrome is not cooperating with me. I will try again later. Maybe IE is now better than Chrome?

IN other news, this is my second post in as many days.

Update: Apparently iPad app is no help :/

Update to update: Here they are! It only took FOUR DAYS for my internet connection to be strong enough to update. Such is life here…

Sweet Couple!

Sweet Couple!

Birthday Party Alert

Yay for daughter #2 turning 13!!  BOOOO for what is becoming her “typical” birthday party!

Two years ago we found out, on the day of her 11th birthday party, that one of daughter #2’s best friends had been murdered by her father.  It took us a LOOOONG time to work through that, and in some ways, we still ARE working through it.

Tonight was her 13th birthday party…

Mid way through, about 5 boys showed up.  Only one had been invited, but he took it upon himself to invite the other boys.  They broke the back window.  We didn’t find it until just a few minutes ago.  Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things… at least until we tell Dad, who has to fix it :o)

THEN, at about 7pm, another friend, Britney called.  She informed D2 (daughter #2) that as she was walking through the park between her house and ours, a man had sexually assaulted her!!  She also asked that if her mother called, for Ashley to tell her that she was at our house!


Of course, the first thing I did (after calming my sobbing new teenager) was call Britney’s mother.  She wasnt home so I left a message that Britney was NOT at my house that she was at “Laurie’s” house.

However, before I got Britney’s mother’s house, I accidentally called this girl Laurie’s house thinking it was Britney’s house.  So, Laurie knew I was calling Britney’s mother.

About 3 minutes later, Britney shows up at my front door.  I, of course, ask her what happened and she told me her story.  I, of course, dial 911.

The first thing the deputy asked me upon arrival was “Where is your husband?  He is the expert at this”.  Yeah, I tell him, he is at his mothers… : eye roll :

So, they spend the next several hours talking to Britney in my front yard (since my house is full of kids).  My husband, later on, told me that I should have called him and he would have walked the deputies through what they needed to do and we could have cut the time down by alot.  He also mentioned that since I was his wife, they might have listioned to me had I brought up valid points, like taking the girl somewhere else (say a hospital) to talk rather than stay where we were trying to have a party.  NOW he tells me…  Yeah, I hear bits from him, as time goes by, but I am (by far) not an expert.  Of course, in areas like this, they dont have to be experts either.  That is why we live in this neighborhood.

To make a long story short, her story changed more than my daughters change their clothes before going to school each morning.

Britney’s Aunt shows up since Britney’s mom is actually in jail and Britney is living with her.  She asks me “Are you the person I spoke to on the phone earlier?” Well, since I have never spoken to her in person I tell her no.  She tells me that someone claiming to be me called when she refused to allow Britney to go to a party without talking to an adult.  She says that “I” told her, when she made the comment that “I” sounded very young to have a 13 year old, that I was 15 when I had D2 and that I was now 29.  As much as I would love to be 29 again, I did not make that phone call.  Plus, since D2 is my youngest… I would have been about 10 years old when I started having children.


Another birthday blown to shit and D2 is STILL crying.  Thank GOD the aunt didnt allow Britney to sleep over!!!