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Dear Blog,


I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I have so much to tell you. Okay, “so much” might be a bit much. I have “stuff” to tell you. Hows that?

While I may have trouble getting myself to blog regularly, life does indeed go on. Lets see, since the last time I posted, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest, we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend, and we went home to the states for repat . I will update with pictures when I have a few more moments.

We are now planning out our summer repat to the states and Eid trip to Barcelona, Spain! Next year I hope to see the Maldive Islands.

What I REALLY miss most about living overseas is family. My kids, to be exact. I know they are grown and have lives of their own but what would be wrong with locking them in my basement for a few more years?

Have to run, bbl…

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