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Weird Day


Well, it’s been a really weird day in good ol’ Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

First, it rained. But, it wasn’t just rain… it also HAILED! I felt like hell must have frozen over! The whole thing didn’t last very long, maybe 5 minutes total, and it caused all kinds of flooding, but it was great!

Secondly, I went to the US Consulate to get a paper notarized. As soon as we passed through the gate I felt like I was home. Like I was actually on US soil, for real! I whipped off my abaya as soon as I got through security and walked myself into the office wearing a short sleeved shirt and flip flops. Even the air felt cleaner. Too bad I only had to stay about 20 minutes. But it was a really nice 20 minutes!

Thirdly, I didn’t have to cook. We ordered Fuddrucker hamburgers and had someone go pick them up. I actually ate the whole thing. I have never eaten a whole burger there. We rarely go there… probably 3 times in the past four years, but whatever. It tasted much better at home than it does in the restaurant.

And, now, everybody is asleep at 8 pm and I get to blog in peace and quiet.

It’s been a good day 🙂

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