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Catalonia, Spain


I really wish I took my laptop with me when I travel. So many trips just this year that I didn’t get to properly blog about. Maybe next year I will make more of an effort. For now, however, lets see if I can put Catalonia, Spain into words!

I have always known I wanted to go to Spain, I just didn’t realize how much I would absolutely LOVE it!!

From the moment we landed I didn’t want to waste a minute. We did, of course, lose minutes… but the ones we didn’t were what I remember best.

Our hotel was great. Neri Hotel in the Gothic District was awesome. The rooms were clean and cheery. The employees were beyond helpful. The food… the FOOD!! If you ever get the chance, stay at this amazing hotel. 22 rooms makes it a small little retreat. And, don’t forget to visit the garden on the fourth floor! This was my son’s favorite place to play.


We just happened to be there for Catalonia’s “Independence” celebration, which was a little confusing as they ARE part of Spain. Perhaps one day they will be considered their own country…


We took a lot of tours, ate a lot (I actually ate octopus!) and drank more, shopped, slept… Who could ask for more? The churches were amazing, too!!

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