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Go away, jet lag!


So, we went home for Christmas! OMG! I was so ready for that! I NEEDED that! By the time the taxi delivered D and I to the house, all I could think about was SHOWERING with FRESH water! You know, the water you can let into your mouth without gagging!?

It might surprise you but water in the Middle East is not so fresh. In fact, the garden water is “reclaimed!” Yeah, I don’t want to know what that is, either!

My mom came to visit. Her first trip to Houston in many years! My brother came as well. My kids, Ohhhh! My kids! And my grandson!! Yep, we had an AMAZING holiday! I could live every day the same, given those days!

And then the ride home happened.

It’s not exactly like we hitch hiked, but it is always hard physically. It’s a long ways, about 8,000 miles from Houston to Saudi Arabia! D voiced his opinion a few times, to my exasperation!

And then… The worst part… JET LAG!

That is where we are now. Our first night, as a mater of fact, and we have many more days/nights to go. *sigh*. Right now D is dancing to Shrek and he will go down a few times before it “takes” and he sleeps. This is the worst part, the first night, because I know there are many more nights to go! SOooo many nights!!

It will end just about a nano second before I lose my mind. Mark my words…

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