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100 Things about me

  1. My name is Diana
  2. I am female
  3. I am a mother
  4. I am a wife
  5. I am a daughter
  6. I am a sister
  7. I have blonde hair (with a little assistance)
  8. I have brown eyes
  9. I am a Professional Administrative Assistant Stay at home mommy
  10. I prefer “Administrative Assistant” to “Secretary” “Master of the Universe” to “Hey, Bitch!”
  11. I am 5’6
  12. I have Otosclerosis
  13. I have lost most all of the hearing in my right ear and most of the hearing in my left ear.
  14. I had the first of 2 surgeries 2 days ago to fix my hearing I am now deaf in my right ear due catching the flu 3 weeks after having surgery to correct my hearing. I cannot have the 2nd surgery because of my deafness.
  15. It was my first surgery … ever
  16. I live in Houston, TX Houston, TX AND Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  17. I lived in several little Colorado towns until I was 13
  18. I lived in Boulder City, NV from the age of 13 until I was 18
  19. I lived in Las Vegas, NV from the age of 18 to the age of 20
  20. I was divorced for 2.5 years
  21. I go to a Methodist Church
  22. I got married in that same church
  23. Both Times
  24. To the same man
  25. The second time, our children were in our wedding Don’t ever do that!
  26. I love my 2nd 3rd husband way more than my first
  27. I value my family above anything else in my life
  28. I have had a dog
  29. I have 2 3 5 6 2 1 no guinea pigs
  30. I love my in laws almost as much as I love my biological family
  31. I hate hot tuna fish
  32. I would donate a kidney to someone I didn’t know if it would save their life
  33. I am not a great housecleaner
  34. I am a great cook (when I want to be)
  35. I love my hair
  36. I hate my legs
  37. I am more an “In Doors Girl”
  38. I do not like shopping for myself
  39. I do like shopping for others
  40. I do like surfing the internet
  41. I would like to learn Spanish
  42. My mother has had cancer
  43. I do not do drugs
  44. I drink socially
  45. I got drunk for the first time at a church sleepover when I was 13
  46. My favorite meal of the day is Breakfast
  47. My least favorite meal of the day is Lunch
  48. I breastfed all of my children for 6 weeks. I am still breastfeeding my husband (just kidding!)
  49. I believe spanking SHOULD be allowed in school along with the word GOD!
  50. I would love to be a stay at home mom
  51. I know I would go crazy as a stay at home mom
  52. I miss being a child
  53. I love seafood
  54. I love wine
  55. My best friend married my husbands twin brother
  56. My husband’s twin brother’s wife had her son on the day our son was due
  57. My son was born 12 days later
  58. I change my blog a lot, it’s fun
  59. I helped create of real game (www.shalkith.com)
  60. I am a Barry Manilow Fan
  61. I am not ashamed of being a Barry Manilow fan [My dated Barry site]
  62. I made my husband take me to his last Houston concert
  63. Now hubby is a Manilow fan too can tolerate Barry Manilow
  64. I cannot wear a watch… they die within a week
  65. I always wished my name was Katrina
  66. And that I had long curly red hair and green eyes
  67. I cant dance
  68. I played the Clarinet for 10 years
  69. I can also play the Saxophone
  70. And a little Piano
  71. I only have pierced ears
  72. One Two times, each ear
  73. I used to snore
  74. Until I quit smoking gave up smoking for awhile
  75. Now my husband knows when I fall off the wagon
  76. I wish I had have a cigarette right now
  77. I do not have any tattoos
  78. When I was little I wanted to be a secretary
  79. And to marry a man with blonde hair, blue eyes and a little taller than me.
  80. And he had to be a cop
  81. And we were to have 3 children
  82. I did all of that
  83. I loved the 7th-9th month of pregnancy
  84. Each time
  85. I don’t watch a lot of TV
  86. Because I cant hear most of it
  87. I don’t like talking on the phone
  88. I cant hear much of that either
  89. I don’t know if I am going to be able to finish this
  90. I have taken an antidepressant
  91. I can drive a standard shift
  92. I prefer not to
  93. I do not like to try new foods
  94. I love fried foods
  95. I will not drink tap water
  96. I have never been out of the United States
  97. I don’t even have a passport
  98. I love my life even if it is slightly boring
  99. I am not very creative
  100. I lie about somethings ONline because I am afraid of weirdos OFFline! None of my 100 things are lies! 🙂
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