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Dear Blog,


I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I have so much to tell you. Okay, “so much” might be a bit much. I have “stuff” to tell you. Hows that?

While I may have trouble getting myself to blog regularly, life does indeed go on. Lets see, since the last time I posted, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest, we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend, and we went home to the states for repat . I will update with pictures when I have a few more moments.

We are now planning out our summer repat to the states and Eid trip to Barcelona, Spain! Next year I hope to see the Maldive Islands.

What I REALLY miss most about living overseas is family. My kids, to be exact. I know they are grown and have lives of their own but what would be wrong with locking them in my basement for a few more years?

Have to run, bbl…

I want a new theme!


I was so excited about this theme when I first got it but now… meh… I need something fresh. Something clean. Something fun!

Should I pay for one? Make it myself? I don’t think I have time or patience for that, right now. My Conversational Arabic class is taking all my brain powers lately.


I wonder what Huey Lewis would say?

I’M Baaaaccccckkkkk!



Well, kind of. I’m here now, anyways.

Let’s see… what’s new? Im still living in Saudi Arabia, in fact we just had our third Saudiversary! WooHoo! **Cheers and Shouts. Balloons and birds released. Cake for all. All that cheerful celebration stuff.** I figure I might as well have fun and maybe learn something while I am here so I have signed up for Conversational Arabic! It’s tough, man, and I have only had two classes! I can now curse at my mom and dad… I mean Ummii and Abii. Not really, but I can tell them hello and goodbye. And ask for their pencil. That’s almost the same thing.

Repat is 18 days away. I.cannot.wait.

Hmm. Whatelse…

We got a fish for my little guy. He’s the worlds oldest goldfish, at five years old. We’ve kept him alive for about two months now but every night I look at him and wonder how much longer he can survive and how messed up am I going to be running out to the store to find a new goldfish and if Damian will KNOW that we killed his fish? I should probably just be happy he’s still alive and buy him a cake, huh?

Speaking of Damian, he’s starting K4 next year. I’m excited and bummed at the same time. I was hoping he would stay little just a wee bit longer.

OH! We have decided to go to Oktoberfest in Munich this year!! I can’t wait!!!

Wow, this might actually be a real post? Kind of, almost?

Yay me!



Im doing it! Again! I had amazing results last time, 15 years ago, I lost around 50lbs. Then all carb hell broke lose in my life… loss of hearing, divorce, remarriage, retirement, a baby at the age of 43, a move to Saudi Arabia… And it’s time to get back in control!

Wish me well…



Some interesting facts about living in Saudi Arabia…

Women can’t drive but drivers are inexpensive and readily available. I actually prefer to use drivers here, so for me it’s a win. I can drive on our compound and I assume all compounds are the same way. Our compound is huge, about the size of a small town, with a commissary, library, movie theatre, bowling alley, schools, cafes and restaurants. The company is also located within the compound limits.

Dressing rooms are illegal. You have to purchase an article of clothing then return it if it doesn’t fit. Sometimes the return period is only three days and combined with having to find a driver AND the time to go, it can be headache causing. Sometimes women buy a dress then go try it on in the restroom before leaving the mall. I don’t because the toilets are in the floor (ceramic covered holes) and they use a water hose to clean themselves instead of bathroom tissue, which means the floor is wet. Ewww! I don’t even like walking into the public restrooms.

Five times a day you can hear the Call To Prayer. I kind of like it, it reminds me that I am in a land I never dreamed I would ever visit, let alone live in. The only problem with it is that the stores and businesses all close for the prayer. If you are lucky you are sitting in a restaurant with your food already in front of you. Otherwise, you are sitting outside the shops waiting 20-30 minutes for the prayer to finish. Grocery stores will often let you continue shopping but you can’t check out during prayer time.

Alcohol and pork are illegal. Bahrain is just a few miles across a causeway so, if we feel extra “deprived” we just go spend the day there. Or weekend. That, however, can get expensive so we try to keep it down to once a month. We try.. each month we try… that bacon and beer yell for us every week but we try…

Women cover. And man does that get hot on 120 degree summer days! Being a westerner I am only required to cover from neck to wrist to ankle. Usually, western women wear an abaya but a few choose to just wear long loose slacks and a long sleeve loose fitting top. Muslim women have to cover more. Some you can’t even see their eyeballs! I always wondered how the kids knew which covered lady was their mother but a friend explained that its all in the shoes and purses. Underneath the abaya, however, are regular clothing. Sometimes pajamas, too.

Men cover, too… kind of… when they want. They wear a long white gown like article of clothing called a Thobe. When they want.

Okay, I guess that is all I have for tonight.

Robin Williams


He has always been one of my most favorite actors. Ever. My first husband even looked like him, kind of.

I don’t even know where to start when describing my emotions over Robin Williams suicide. SUICIDE! Had it just been a car accident, cancer, murder… it would not be so horrible. But, it’s suicide. He was so depressed, so sad, so… lost! that he could not continue living! He has four movies set to be released soon which means that while he was making us laugh, he was decaying inside. It. Is. Tragic!

On the other hand he took all his problems and wrapped them up, along with several more, and left them for his family to live through. Who does something that selfish?! How could he do that to a family that he loved?!

So, here I sit, watching his stupid movies over and over until I puke. Good thing I don’t have access to bacon, I could OD!


I will have more later when my battery is not about to die… I mean close down.

Meanwhile check out David Letterman’s tribute to Robin

More Jet Lag


I am so sleepy! Our last trip back to the Middle East was amazingly easy and I was hoping it would be the same this time. So far, nope, but I am not going to freak out just yet. Last time the first couple days were sleepy as well, so we still have hope.

In other news, we are having a sand storm. A haboob. A shamal. I will try to post a picture when I feel the urge to stand up. Maybe next month. Or when the baby wants up. Or we all start going into starvation mode.

Right now that is all that I have to update.


New Laptop


As you can tell (if there is anybody actually reading these posts, that is) it’s been awhile since I have updated. BUT! That is about to change!! Yessureebob-ish! Why? Well, because I have a new laptop! No more updating via iPad (because that sucks!)

A new Macbook pro 15 inch would prompt ANYbody to post, right?! Can I get an AMEN? Thank you!

In fact, since I want to get those old posts from my now defunct dianaslife.net account, I might want to get them while I am in the States and actually have a decent internet connection. So… quickly.

Yep, I am in the States! Houston, TX, at the moment, and will be in New York and Maine next week. Then back to Houston for a few days before we fly back to KSA.

I can’t say that I miss KSA really, but i miss having a routine and the friends that we have made there. Tho, at the moment, most of those friends are in their home countries right now as well. As soon as we get back I will start counting the days until our Christmas break. I can promise you that. And missing pork. Since arriving home (June 6th), we have gone through 1 lb of bacon. Isn’t that ironic? I think so, too, so I will just leave you with this…

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A Wedding!


My son has asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said YES!!

I can’t believe it! My son is ENGAGED!! I love his girlfriend… I mean fiance’! I am so happy for them … and for ME!! How lucky am I for my first child-in-law to be so amazing?!

I am trying to add a photo but Google Chrome is not cooperating with me. I will try again later. Maybe IE is now better than Chrome?

IN other news, this is my second post in as many days.

Update: Apparently iPad app is no help :/

Update to update: Here they are! It only took FOUR DAYS for my internet connection to be strong enough to update. Such is life here…

Sweet Couple!

Sweet Couple!



I haven’t posted in over a year! What happened to my determination? My desire to get my blog back on track? WHAT HAPPENED?!?

Well, since you won’t answer me, all I can do is start fresh. No promises, but I’m going to try. Again.

I kind of like this template, what do you think? My old one is my favvvvvvorite but I can’t format it to fit WordPress. Maybe I could hire someone to do it for me?

Ummm… letsee… nothing much is going on lately.

I still live in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with a home base in Houston, TX (USA, Baby!) I am married (5 years), have four kids aged 25, 23, 21, and 2 (yes, you read that correctly). I have a grandson by 23 yr old daughter. Its funny, I never knew you could love someone so freaking much that you were not either married to or gave birth to, until him. I’ve considered telling people that I have five kids, one is grand. Hehe.

No pets.

We did move into a new house on compound. We were in a two bedroom and now we have four! Huge difference!

We went home for Christmas, of course, but for some reason we never got jet lag when we came back to KSA! I have no idea why. I’m not complaining but it would be nice to know, so we can do it again! Not even Damian got jet lag! So weird!

How sad is that? I just about summed up a year in a single, SHORT 271 word post!

Lets see if I can do this again tomorrow and maybe get a few more words typed 😉

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